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This blog is for my memorandum about programming and English.

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This blog is for my memorandum

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TopCoder srm 708c PalindromicSubseq2

problem Problem Statement A palindrome is a string that reads the same forwards and backwards. For example, “abba” and “racecar” are palindromes. An odd palindrome is a palindrome with an odd length. For example, “racecar” is an odd palind…

TopCoder srm 708b BuildingStrings

problem The score of a string is its length multiplied by the number of different characters in the string. For example, the score of “abbcdxc” is 7 * 5 = 35. This is because the length of this string is 7 and there are five different char…

TopCoder srm 708a SafeBetting

problem Limak is in a casino. He has b dollars. He wants to have at least c dollars (to be able to buy flowers for a girl he likes). In order to achieve that, he must win the money he’s missing. The casino allows guests to risk some of the…