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This blog is for my memorandum

Union Find Tree SRM 703 Middium GCDGraph

Problem Statement

You are given four s: n, k, x, and y.

The s n and k describe a simple undirected graph. The graph has n nodes, numbered 1 through n. Two distinct vertices i and j are connected by an edge if and only if gcd(i, j) > k. Here, gcd(i, j) denotes the greatest common divisor of i and j.

The s x and y are the numbers of two (not necessarily distinct) vertices in our graph. Return "Possible" if it is possible to travel from x to y by following the edges of our graph. Otherwise, return "Impossible".

In other words, return "Possible" if our graph contains a path that connects the nodes x and y, and "Impossible" if there is no such path.


Class: GCDGraph Method: possible Parameters: int, int, int, int Returns: string Method signature: string possible(int n, int k, int x, int y) (be sure your method is public)