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This blog is for my memorandum

57. Insert Interval(Google, LeetCode)

# Problem

Given a set of non-overlapping intervals, insert a new interval into the intervals (merge if necessary).

You may assume that the intervals were initially sorted according to their start times.

Example 1:
Given intervals [1,3],[6,9], insert and merge [2,5] in as [1,5],[6,9].

Example 2:
Given [1,2],[3,5],[6,7],[8,10],[12,16], insert and merge [4,9] in as [1,2],[3,10],[12,16].

This is because the new interval [4,9] overlaps with [3,5],[6,7],[8,10].


# How to solve

I can solve this problem by using blute force searching. If I can find the interval which can be merge with newInterval, I update the newInterval and delete  the interval. Then I insert the newInterval into the propare position and I can get solution by O(n).

# Code



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