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Takefumi Yamamura's blog

This blog is for my memorandum.

Takefumi Yamamura's b!og

This blog is for my memorandum

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Equations are given in the format A / B = k, where A and B are variables represented as strings, and k is a real number (floating point number). Given some queries, return the answers. If the answer does not exist, return -1.0.

Example: Given a / b = 2.0, b / c = 3.0. queries are: a / c = ?, b / a = ?, a / e = ?, a / a = ?, x / x = ? . return [6.0, 0.5, -1.0, 1.0, -1.0 ].

The input is: vector<pair<string, string>> equations, vector& values, vector<pair<string, string>> queries , where equations.size() == values.size(), and the values are positive. This represents the equations. Return vector.

how to solve

I can solve this problem by using Warshall–Floyd algorithm. So I have to create the adjacent matrix. To do so, I create the hash table which the key is string and the value is integer for storing the index of string. This time complexity is O(n3).