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This blog is for my memorandum about programming and English.

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This blog is for my memorandum

Family Guy season9 1-2 And Then There Were Fewer


One day, Peter who is a father like a kind of homer in Simpsons is invited to the party by an anonymous guest. Also other families in his town are invited to this. When the party is about to started, one of the guest is shooted by someone.

vocabulary list

word explanation example
let up 嵐がやむ before the storms lets up
skin(v) 動物の皮を剥ぐ
unconscious 無意識
hot chicks 魅力的な女性
gasp はっという
stay up 遅くまで起きる or どどまる
huddle up to gather or crowd together in a close mass
scrutinize examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.
nocturnal 夜行性の
intruder 侵入者
crawl はう、よつんばいになってはう
podunk A piece of shit, redneck, small-town
slippery difficult to hold firmly or stand on because it is smooth, wet, or slimy.つるつる、するする 追いかけてる人がなかなか捕まらない時とかにつかう
i’m managing なんとかやってるよ(how are you?とかの返し)
for the time being しばらくね
He dumped me 彼は私を振ったの
crumble 崩れる I watched my career and my love life crumble
seize にぎる つかまえる チャンスをつかんだ I seized the moment
seduce 誘惑する
reel him  つる 
pay her off 彼女に復讐する
instill 思い込ませる
hysterical ヒステリックに