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This blog is for my memorandum

How to cover up a murder youtube#1


Here's a some simple way of getting away with murder.


word list

Words, or phrase Translation
the clock is ticking used for saying that someone must do something quickly because there will soon be no more time left
throw the cops off 警察を混乱させる
lame ださい A characteristic describing someone who is just not cool
tie up any loose ends 仕上げる 細々としたことを片付ける
frame up the act of framing someone, that is, providing false evidence or false testimony in order to falsely prove someone guilty of a crime. 罪をきせる
slammer 刑務所
turn yourself in 自白する
tamper with the evidence 証拠を改ざんする
fatality 偶然の死 an occurrence of death by accident, in war, or from disease.
ampit haire 脇毛