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This blog is for my memorandum about programming and English.

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This blog is for my memorandum

KSI vs LOGAN PAUL (YouTube Detention) youtube#2

KSI vs LOGAN PAUL (YouTube Detention)



Words, or phrase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdibwIkjVZE
dirty mind いやらしい
numbnuts ばかやろうども
I'm doing me 自分のためにやってる
you do me 余計よせわてきな??
you do you the act of doing what one believes is the right decision, being oneself
detention 拘留所 いのこり部屋
at some point そのうち
i'm goona beat your ass at some point in the future そのうちおまえにいっぱいくらわせてやるよ
make up for 補う
logistics the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. 物流管理
impressionable easily influenced because of a lack of critical ability.
okay guys come on, don't you think it's wrong to teach your young impressionable fans to settle all their disagreements by punching each other in the face? わかったわかった、きいてくれ。影響をうけやすいお前らのファンに、顔面を殴って争いを解決することを教えるのは間違いじゃないかい?
lit いけてるやん
bump on a log いつもそこにいるだけの人
fluorescent light 蛍光灯の光
aight all right