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Takefumi Yamamura's blog

This blog is for my memorandum.

Takefumi Yamamura's b!og

This blog is for my memorandum


Evaluate Division

problem Equations are given in the format A / B = k, where A and B are variables represented as strings, and k is a real number (floating point number). Given some queries, return the answers. If the answer does not exist, return -1.0. Exa…

値を固定して2点間の最短距離を求めるのを二分探索 AtCoder Beginner Contest 020 C - 壁抜け

問題 note 値を固定して二分探索するよくあるやつ。2点間の最短距離を求める必要があるのでダイクストラかワーシャルフロイドを使う。